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Community Health & Wellness Education
High Sierra AHEC
MISSION STATEMENT: To empower northwestern Nevada’s youth to create proactive prevention programming, encouraging their peers to adopt healthy decision making through education and leadership. VISION STATEMENT: To develop the integration of community partners, local schools, and young leaders, working together to implement proactive prevention efforts through community service learning projects, health fairs and classroom based presentations.  To emphasize collaborative governance; participating youth will work with community leaders to design and implement multi-disciplinary responses to a variety of community health issues including, but not limited to:  childhood obesity, nutrition, body image, physical activity, youth smoking trends, environmental tobacco smoke, sexual health and environmental improvement.  All programs and services will be designed by youth and will be provided to their peers through classroom presentations, local events, and community outreach. We believe that to improve individual health, protect our communities and eliminate preventable disease it takes everyone doing their part everywhere, every day. Please contact High Sierra AHEC if you are interested in a classroom-based presentation for your students or if you would like us to participate in any upcoming health fairs!
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