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Health Care Career Exploration
High Sierra AHEC
Providing innovative outreach activities and events to students interested in expolring health care careers!
Connecting...Students to Careers...Professionals to Communities...and Communities to Better Health
Are you a student interested in becoming a health care professional?  Do you ever dream of becoming a doctor, nurse, social worker, dentist, dietitian, physical therapist, veterinarian, or pediatrician?  Did you know that the health care field is one of the fastest growing industries in America?  The health care industry will generate more than 3 million jobs during this decade.  This is good news for students as the health care industry will have a strong demand for jobs.  This means that there will be lots of opportunities available to you as you pursue your educational and career goals.     AHEC Offers: Innovative opportunities for health career exploration Grant Funded Health Career Summer Camps Information and Referral Career Fair exhibits Classroom presentations Speakers on related issues Mentorship and Educational Guidance If you are a teacher and/or school counselor looking for participation in career fairs or would like to have a guest speaker regarding health care careers exploration, please contact us! Click here to access our Interactive Health Care Careers in Nevada Manual To obtain hard copies of this manual please contact Andrea Gregg at High Sierra AHEC (775) 410-2717